27 octombrie 2007

Because i love u

Love asked me once "What do you see in her? Why are you with her?" I answered "Comfort, compassion, and love rooted in trust and friendship. She’s been there for me for several years now. We became friends. One day I woke up and realized that I was in love with her." Love replied "But why her? You could have any woman in the world." I said "Because I don’t want just any woman. I don’t want one of those women that sniff at getting their hands dirty. I don’t want a woman that I can’t have an intelligent conversation with. I don’t want a woman that is stuck up all the time. I … just want her." Love pondered this for a few minutes. Began to speak, and then held it's tongue. Love looked at me and it said "I do believe you do love her. So it seems that I’ve lost your heart." Loved nodded its head and wiped a tear from its eyes. It muttered a prayer under its breath. "May your love stay strong, may your hearts’ never weaken and may joy forever find you." So Love lost a heart to love.

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